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international day of happiness

March 20 marks the International Day of Happiness, a day to reflect on the meaning of happiness and its importance in our lives. For many travelers, happiness is at the heart of their hostel experience.


In this article, we will explore how hostels can contribute to guest happiness and what factors are most important to achieve it.

  1. Community and socialization: Hostels are known for their social and community atmosphere, which can be an important source of happiness for many travelers. By sharing experiences, stories and moments with other guests, travelers can feel connected and enriched by their stay. Hostels can promote socializing through events and activities, such as community dinners, tours and games. In addition, they can create inviting and comfortable common spaces to encourage interaction among guests.

  2. Amenities and servicesHostels can offer a wide variety of amenities and services that contribute to guests' happiness. Some of these amenities may include free breakfast, access to kitchen and laundry facilities, high-speed internet and comfortable sitting areas. Additional services, such as guided tours, transportation services and destination advice, can also be highly valued by guests.

  3. Relaxed and peaceful atmosphere: While socializing is important for many travelers, it is also important to have a relaxed and quiet environment to rest and recharge. Hostels can offer quiet and relaxing areas, such as gardens, terraces and reading areas. They can also promote respect for guests' privacy and rest through clear policies and trained staff to enforce these policies.

  4. Cleanliness and safety: Cleanliness and safety are fundamental aspects of the hostel experience and can contribute significantly to guest happiness. Hostels can maintain a high level of cleanliness in all common areas and rooms, and ensure the safety of guests through appropriate security measures, such as surveillance cameras and trained staff.

  5. Friendly and attentive staff: Hostel staff play a critical role in the guest experience and guest happiness. Hostels can hire staff that are friendly, attentive and committed to guest satisfaction. In addition, they can provide adequate training for staff in customer service and conflict resolution to ensure a positive experience for all guests.

In summary, hostels can contribute significantly to guest happiness through factors such as community and socialization, amenities and services, relaxed and quiet atmosphere, cleanliness and safety, and friendly and attentive staff.


By creating a lodging experience that prioritizes guest happiness!


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